W194N11481 McCormick Dr., P.O. Box 309, Germantown, WI 53022   

(800) 643-5424


Overview of Position

Take product through before, during, and after processes necessary for painting and finishing.  Repaint or touch up parts as needed. 


Description of Duties and Job Responsibilities

  • Maintain and keep equipment and area in a safe, clean condition and working order. 
  • Prepare surfaces by cleaning, filling, etc. 
  • Work assignments are given regular process checks and final inspection.
  • Apply prepared paints, lacquers, or enamels to products where medium quality finish is required. 
  • Thin paints to proper consistency and viscosity for spraying or brushing application and adjust equipment to obtain the finish requirements and economy. 
  • May do masking and two-toning and operate drying equipment. 
  • Must adhere to all safety rules and requirements, including proper use and fit of respirators and other personal protective equipment.  This may include maintaining a clean-shaven face at all times. 
  • Must comply with all OSHA regulations, such as annual respirator fit tests and medical evaluation questionnaires. 
  • Other duties as assigned.


 Preferred Qualifications

  • At least two years painting experience in a manufacturing environment.

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