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Welcome to Systems Employment Opportunities Page!

We believe that Systems is more than just a place to work. We strive to recruit the best talent in the industry and give employees opportunities for continuing education and training to help them advance in their careers.  We promote a family-oriented work atmosphere and work together to make Systems a leader in the loading dock industry.

Benefits Offerings

Systems, LLC offers competitive pay and a full benefits package.  For an overview of the benefits that we offer, click here.

Careers at Systems, LLC

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Uploaded by Brett Lindstrom on 11/29/2017

Job Openings in Germantown, WI


Technical Services Representative    

The Technical Services Representative position provides technical support to customers and subcontractors.

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MIG Welder - Essential Business   

The MIG Welder position performs advanced and specialized welding on a wide range of metals and alloys.

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Electrical Assembler

You'll perform installs of all types of apparatus such as controls, relays, capacitors, breakers, etc. Along with planning assemblies and wiring procedures.

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Machine Operator (Saw, Shear, Plasma)

You'll be responsible to operate or tend machine or equipment to perform routine and standardized tasks. Tasks usually involve high-speed, high-volume production tasks, such as cutting structurals, steel forming, drilling, shearing, burning, punching, or otherwise processing materials. 

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Information Technology IT Manager

The IT Manager will be responsible for development and production activities of all information technology services. This requires hands on work, as well as strategic planning. 

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Warranty and Parts Admin

The Warranty and Parts Admin is responsible for warranty administration activities & processing replacement part and warranty orders.

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Job Openings in Malvern, AR


MIG Welder 

The Welder position performs advanced and specialized welding on a wide range of metals and alloys.

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Mechanical Assembler   

You'll perform a variety of critical assembly operations to assemble units or sub-assemblies involving a considerable number of parts, to create highest quality dock levelers, vehicle restraint and specialty dock equipment.

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Inventory Coordinator - Heavy Metals Manufacturing  

You'll be responsible for assisting in maintaining an ERP Inventory System for our manufacturing facility.

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Industrial Spray Painter

The Industrial Spray Painter (wet painter) is responsible for applying solvent and water- based paints to metal and other surfaces, using spray equipment to apply the paint.

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To apply for a Malvern, AR office position, complete an online employment application by clicking the open position above.

To apply for a production position in the plant, visit our location at 1215 Industrial Ln.in Malvern between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm to complete an employment application.

Note: Resumes for Arkansas production (plant) positions submitted via the website will not be accepted.

All applicants must successfully complete a drug screen and physical as part of the application process.


The Plant Supervisor position is responsible for supervising shop employees in a manufacturing and assembly environment. This position accomplishes results by communicating job expectations, training, planning/monitoring, coaching, counseling and disciplining employees as required. 

Warranty and Parts Admin    

The Warranty and Parts Admin position is responsible for warranty administration activities & processing replacement part and warranty orders.   

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