myQ® Dock Management is a module of myQ Enterprise. With iDock® Controls and myQ Dock Management combine the industry's most technologically advanced loading dock controls with a comprehensive online dock management software that allows you to analyze your loading activity and efficiency. You can also install an iDock Link with existing dock equipment, allowing you to connect online as well. For a complete digital solution of your facility logistics, upgrade to myQ Enterprise.

iDock by Loading Dock Systems


From your dashboard in myQ Dock Management, quickly review the current status of your loading docks.  Have the ability to see what docks are available and assign new carrier/trailer information to an open dock.

You can also monitor how long trailers have been at each dock with timestamps of activity.  This can alert you of any trailers loading past a time limit, or a safety concern of a truck restraint in bypass mode.



In order to be proactive in improving your loading operations, myQ Dock Management can send text/email notifications to any personnel of events that occur at your loading dock.  These include truck arrival/departure, trailers approaching load time limits, inefficient loading activity, restraints in bypass, doors left open, after hours activity, and more.



With myQ Dock Management, not only can you lookup the details of every past truck-at-dock session, you can also analyze this information displayed in various reports for any date range.  These reports will help you check your loading metrics and find areas to improve efficiency and reduce expenses.  myQ will help you evaluate loading and turn times, dock usage, detention fees and more.


myQ Dock Management PackagesBasicPro
Access Management
Share with users
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Real-Time Dock Monitoring
Detailed Activity
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Maintenance, safety, detention, doors
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Cellular connectivity included
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